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solar rooftop in vadodara

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solar rooftop in vadodara

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Energy Of The Future

Welcome To Eldora Power

Energy Of The Future

About Company

Eldora Power is solar installation company. Basically located at Vadodara, Gujarat. Equally we are leading solar company providing prime solar solutions to limit up the bill and save electricity. Basically Solar project is a lifetime investment. Also our company supports our client with quality product along with a lifetime value. Presently Eldora Power guarantee the quality solar products with 25 year lifetime warranty.

Additionally we understand the change and energy requirements. So we offer the range of expandable system. Also We assure providing safe future with quality policy products.

solar rooftop in vadodara

To Future proof your energy consumption.
solar rooftop in vadodara

Our Products

PV Module

Ranging from 10 watts to 340 watts per panel Type:- Poly/Mono-crystalline

Solar Inverter

Eldora Power provide solar inverter which  Rang from 1 kw to 75 kw as per client need.

Solar Water Pump

Our Solar Solar water pump come in  Rang from 1 HP to 100 HP

Solar Street Light

Eldora Power provide Solar street lights which range is CFL:- 9w-20w
LED:- 6w-30w

Solar Water Heater

We are  provide solar Water Heater which Range from 150 L to 300 L

Solar Lantern

Solar-powered household lighting can replace other light sources like candles or kerosene lamps.

Our Services

Eldora Power has been supported by many satisfied clients. Additionally we provide green energy to meet energy requirements of homes as well as business/commercials, SPV System registration at Nodal Agency, Design Finalisation, Installation, SPV System approval from Electricity Board, Application to DisCom for net-Metering, Performance monitoring and regular inspection

On Grid Service

Firstly Eldora Power provide simplest and cost effective system to install.  Basically ON GRID SYSTEMS are solar power systems that only generate power when the utility power grid is available.

Off Grid Solar Service

The off grid services allows you  to store your solar power in batteries for use when power grid goes down. also It provides power for critical loads when the power grid is down.

Solar For Home

Solar panels at home provides a long term secure  investment , so helps you to save money on electricity bill, Increases your home value, Decreases carbon footprint. Also Provides clean, cost efficient energy harnessed by sun.

Solar For Business/Commercials

Basically We help you to power up your business with distinct financial benefit.  Solar helps business by reducing operating cost; eliminating electric bill, gains a ‘green label’-  also Usage of solar power will result in reduced consumption of fuel. By this source any company or business can show the participation in battle against global warming and going green. As a result we having responsible image towards environment is good for any business or company.

Why Choose Us


Best Quality Products

We are committed to quality policy & good performance. Also Eldora Power deliver solar products with a lifetime value.


25 Year Warranty

Our products are long term and reliable- with 25 years warranty.

Ontime Service Available

Eldora Power provides best services to all our solar projects. we have Professional & Friendly Staff for best service.


24/7 Monitoring Support

Eldora Power are provide 24/7 monitoring service which makes best value of our products.


Economical price

 Make solar easy and affordable to the clients because this is best valued product.


Easy Payment Mode

We have all type of payment mode available in our company so, client feel good for installation.

Solar Become Easy With

Eldora Power

We are leading provider of solar rooftop in vadodara

Free Solar consultation

Understanding and discussion about power consumption, Discussing options of energy saving for future years and limiting electricity bill. We provide Free customised quote

Agreement Setup

Eldora Power assure safe future with Quality policy, No Hidden charges, and Reliable Products with life time value.


We work with aim, Eldora Power keep watch on permits, inspections and successful installation. additionally We provide guidance and support at each stage until installation is done as per the commitment.

Why Solar?

How Solar Is Helpful

It helps you to Save money


Long Term Investment


Environment Friendly Energy

Best Solar Features

Limit up electricity


Easy Installation


Government Subsidies


No electricity cut off


Abundantly Available


Tax Benefits


Low Maintenance


Roof Protection


Consistent & Constant Energy


Off grid Living options


Less space requirement


Solar works even on cloudy or diffused sun

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